The following extract of one of his letter to his wife Josephine can give you an idea of just how passionate he was:


"I cannot go a day without loving you;

I cannot go a night without holding you in my arms.

I cannot have as much as a cup of tea without cursing the glory and the ambition which keep me away from the love of my life. In the middle of business,

at the head of my troops,

while patrolling the camps,

only my adorable Josephine is in my heart,

occupying my spirits, absorbing my thoughts"


 Who wouldn't want to be that madly in love, right? Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading my work, and if you live around New York City and are a Napoleon Bonaparte fan and would ever like to talk history over a cup of coffee feel free to contact me through my blog.


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I am a huge fan of reading history. I believe history can be incredibly fun when you look at it with the right focus. Which is why I began writing historical fiction novels with the goal of mostly having fun but also to make the sturdy of history an easier, more enjoyable experience.


I was born in Mexico. I went to college at a nearby city called Monterrey and later I moved to New York to start a Master's degree in New York University. I currently live and work in New York City for all those fans of history who live close by and would like sometime to have a cup of coffee. As to my personal interests I come from a ranching family so everything that speaks of countryside living and ranching, such as horse riding, bull riding and camping, has a special appeal for me. I am also a big fan of extreme adventures, such as skydiving, and other outdoor activities, such as kayaking, hiking and rappelling.

After graduating from college I began a quest to read the 100 most celebrated classic books of European and American literature. During this time I read one of my favorite books of all time, The Count of Monte-Cristo, by famous French author Alexandro Dumas. In this book's plot the main character, Edmond Dantes, is wrongly accused of being a supporter of Napoleon Bonaparte by four jealous friends, a situation that puts him in jail for fourteen years. This book planted in me the seed of the Napoleon fan.


 As I researched Napoleon and his involvement in America I happened to stumble upon a historical document that was auctioned by an antiques broker in Austin, Texas, in 2009. It was a message sent by the Spanish authorities in Europe to their colonies in America warning them that Napoleon Bonaparte was sending undercover spies to our continent to promote a revolution, a movement for independence from Spanish rule, and that he was infiltrating his agents through his ally on this side of the Atlantic, the United States of America (You can look at this document in the first pages of my book on through the 'LOOK INSIDE' feature). This was the spark that inspired me to write a novel about Napoleon, his spies and their undercover work in America. The result of my work is the book The Sphinx Spy.

Ever since I began my study of Napoleon I discovered what a passionate life his was and how strongly he affected the historical events of the entire American continent. I discovered how the revolutions that engulfed and shaped all modern Latin American nations, starting with Mexico and reaching all the way south to Argentina, were detonated by his actions in Europe, particularly by Napoleon's invasion of Spain. Latin America is what it is Today in part because of Napoleon Bonaparte, and interestingly, the newly born nation of the United States played, although for only a brief period, as his ally against imperial Britain.

Most of the world Today has an erroneous image of who Napoleon Bonaparte was because his enemies, who in the end won the war and like the winner always does, portrayed him as a tyrant. In The Sphinx Spy, my first novel,  I portray many different sides of Napoleon and his relationships with the people who surrounded him.  He was not just a military leader, he was also a loyal friend, a family man and, like everything else in his life, a passionate lover.