The Sphinx Spy

In December 2009 "Dorothy Sloan Rare Books", an antiques trader located in Austin, Texas, auctioned a historical declaration from the King of Spain, Fernando the Seventh. It was a document dated April 25 of 1810. In it the Spanish Royal authorities in Europe warn the governors and clerks of the Spanish colonies in America that Napoleon Bonaparte has dispatched undercover agents and spies to the American continent to try to destabilize Spanish rule in Spain's overseas possessions.  The document warns them that these agents and spies will try to enter the Spanish colonies in America through the United States  and through the, at the time still Spanish, province of Texas. This happens right at the time when Mexico and the rest of Latin American colonies were about to start their fight for independence from Spanish rule.


Fernand De Montpellier, a master of undercover operations, has come to America as one of Bonaparte's undercover agents. But in America not only does he face the difficult assignment of organizing a rebel uprising, he also has to do it while subduing his impulse to pursue the woman he has loved all his life, a woman who is already married.

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